Discover Rhodes

Water Sports

The gulf of Ixia and the beach of Ialysos on the Northwest side of the island, together with Prassonisi Cape at the most Southern tip, have excellent climatic conditions for wind surfing and are considered a surfers paradise with many and well organized facilities.

Sailing & Windsurfing are very popular & well organised in Rhodes. The Open Sea Nautical Club of Rhodes which was founded in 1989 contributes highly to the development of sailing on the island, organising international sailing events yearly.

At the beaches of Faliraki, Kolymbia, Tsambika and South Rhodes there are plenty of well organized facilities for various types of water sports suitable for every age and style! From family fun activities to adventurous ones for the adrenaline lovers!

Idyllic Sandy / Pebble Beaches

Astrea Villas is in the traditional village of Lachania, known for its enchanting nature and excellent location.

The complex is within just 180m away from the unspoiled Lachania beach with the crystal blue waters. A path leads our guests -in just 4 minutes- to this marvelous, almost secluded, beach.

Prasonisi, the surfers’ paradise, is 19 minutes’ away by car, while the well-known beaches of Plimmiri (4 minutes), Gennadi beach (3-5 minutes) and Mavros kavos beach (14 minutes).

The beautiful cosmopolitan village of Lindos, with the white houses, the impressive castle, the ancient temple of the goddess Athena and St Paul’s Bay is only 19 minutes away.

Medieval Castle

Castles of Rhodes

Throughout the island of Rhodes, forts and castles designed to protect the inhabitants from enemy attacks are raised on sites considered strategic since antiquity.

Near the village of Monolithos, the namesake castle is perched at the top of a huge steep rock, rising within short distance from the coast, offering stunning views. It was built by the Knights of the Order of St. John in the 14th century to control the sea passage and protect the residents from pirate raids. The sunset here is enchanting.

The castle of Kritinia – also known as Kastellos – is a mixture of Byzantine and Medieval styles, its fortifications enclosing the ruins of the Christian church of St. Paul. During the Venetian rule, it was used as a dockyard.

The castle of Asclepeion was built by the Grand Master Pierre d’Aubusson in 1479 at the site of the ancient beacon tower. The castle was used by the Knights and earlier by the Byzantines to protect the residents of the nearby villages with rectangular bastions and two strong towers.